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Interview about our Open Science Q&A portal on Wikimedia Germany blog

Perhaps you noticed the link to Open Science Q&A in this site’s navigation and wondered how it is related to this project.

The main goal of Conquaire is to facilitate reproducible research. In order to do this, we will not just produce technology, but we will create this new infrastructure hand in hand with the scholars and researchers who are going to use it.

As reproducible research is becoming central not only to open science but to good scientific practice in general, lots of questions come up because everybody has to learn new things, and some of these have to be discussed first. Instead of creating a closed, local wiki or web forum to document how reproducible research works, we seized the opportunity to host an open, global question and answer website on open science when StackExchange decided it was not interested.

We would like to stress that while the Conquaire project provides a server to host Open Science Q&A, the community there is independent, and Conquaire has no influence on the content.

Readers of German can enjoy the long version of this story in an interview Wikimedia Germany did with our project member Christian Pietsch.